Our Process

In business for over 40 years Avio has refined the process and production for repairing exotic and luxury vehicles.

By using a production methodology that dedicates one expert at each key phase of the repair process, and employing the same master technicians for the past 18 years to perform those repairs, a superior level of quality is accomplished. 

In addition to our long term staff and refined production methods we only use the manufacturers factory recommended equipment and paint. 

This is necessary to keep your vehicle under warranty and at it's highest investment value. We have very close relationships with the exotic and luxury dealerships in Los Angeles and maintain certifications for repairs on our specialty makes. 

In fact, we are the only certified paint and body center for Rolls Royce North America in Los Angeles. 

We will not compromise the resale or investment value of your automobile. 

We pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering the highest quality of repair possible.

Our customers past, present and future are our most valuable assets.